Microsoft 365 F1 Full USL - abonnemangslicens - 1 användare

Microsoft 365 F1 Full USL - abonnemangslicens - 1 användare JFX-00003
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Create, update, and manage schedules and tasks. Publish shift schedules to let employees request time off or swap shifts, manage schedules from anywhere on mobile devices or the web, and provide real-time input about task assignments. Track work, complete forms, and automate team processes.

Connect employees. Engage employees and optimize processes with updates and alerts. Use chat and IM presence to make teams more agile and unified. Send messages and share documents, videos, announcements, and best practices on team sites. Help protect communications on any device.

Enable easy access to onboarding and training materials. Help employees stay up to date on job procedures and view and respond quickly to service requests and updates. Distribute and store training content and corporate announcements on team sites. Find and view training videos on any device.

Manage employee access and digital identity painlessly. Empower managers to add or remove workers from teams and IT admins to control access to Office 365. Get the same identity-management experience and control on both company- and employee-owned devices.


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