ASUS RS300-E8-PS4 - kan monteras i rack - ingen CPU - 0 GB

ASUS RS300-E8-PS4 - kan monteras i rack - ingen CPU - 0 GB 90S98A1010CC00UET
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  • 2+1 expandability in UP 1 U
  • Better networking with quad server-grade Intel I210 Ethernet
  • Best-in-class power efficiency and stability
  • Optimized user experience design
  • Comprehensive remote management
As always, ASUS makes servers that deliver superior performance. In this generation, the ASUS RS300-E8-PS4 is with advanced computing power that can easily work at up to sustainable 40 degrees centigrade stress while reducing power loss. In addition, the ASUS RS300-E8-PS4 offers two expansion slots as well as one ASUS PIKE slot, an internal SSD cage for independent OS drive space, and completes remote server management through ASWM Enterprise and ASMB7-iKVM.


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